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Terms & Conditions

1. The membership term is either monthly or yearly and will automatically renew each month or year, respectively. Payments may be automatically taken from the individual's selected payment method. The individual may cancel their membership by informing Combine Club via email at least 3 working days before the renewal date, or may cancel their membership at any time by email, but this will result in a termination of upcoming renewal payments and no refund will be provided for the remaining period of membership. The individual may change their payment method by informing Combine Club before their scheduled payment date.


2. Under the consumer cancellation regulations, the individual is entitled to a 14-day cooling-off period during which they may cancel their membership for a refund by contacting Combine Club. The individual's membership discount may not be used in conjunction with any other offers or deals offered by the business members, which is at the discretion of the individual business and not Combine Club. The membership card is for the use of the individual member only and should not be transferred or used by anyone else. A new physical card will be supplied each year.


3. Combine Club acts as the discount provider and is not liable for any issues that may arise when using the services or products from the business members. The individual must read the specific terms and conditions of each business before using their services and acknowledges that business members may deny services or discounts. 


4. If monthly payments are unpaid or canceled, the individual may be asked to return their physical card. No refunds will be provided for the remaining period of the year if the individual cancels their yearly membership part-way through the year. Combine Club reserves the right to add or remove discounts throughout the year, and no refunds will be provided for the remaining period of the year if a discount is removed that the individual was interested in. The discounts displayed by Combine Club may only be available for specific ranges or brands, at the discretion of the business member. The display of a discount for a specific brand does not guarantee the availability of all ranges and products from that brand. Some discounts may only be available online or in person.


5. The data collected from the individual during sign-up will be used for delivery, marketing materials, or products and may also be used to contact the individual regarding the service they are receiving. The individual acknowledges that their data will be stored by Combine Club. The price of the membership includes VAT.


6. Combine Club shall not be held liable for any issues arising from transactions or use of product and services between the Member and the Business Member, including but not limited to fraud, injury, death, incorrect conduct, loss of capital, availability, or unavailability of goods and services. The purchase of goods or services from a Business Member shall constitute a contract solely between the Member and the Business Member, and Combine Club shall not be held responsible or accountable for any claims, damages, or losses resulting from such transactions.


7. Combine Club reserves the right to terminate a membership at any time without providing any reason or justification.


8. In accordance with these terms, Members shall have access to our online discounts within 3 working days of purchase. Any physical products related to the services being provided shall be delivered to the Member within 10 working days of subscription.


9. Please note that offers advertised via our service may not be used in conjunction with any other offers at participating venues or service providers. Some discounts or deals displayed on our website or social channels may be accessible without a valid membership.


10. The Membership is personal to the named Member and shall not be transferred to any other person. The Membership may only be used by the named Member in accordance with the specific terms of each offer.


11. We make reasonable efforts to keep the details of participating venues up to date. However, participating venues reserve the right to withdraw from our service or change the terms and conditions of their offers at any time. Members shall be entitled to benefit from any additional business members that join after the Membership has started.


12. Participating business members have the right to verify the validity of a Member's Membership.


13. Combine Club retains the right to change any points within our terms & conditions during your membership.

Contact us with any questions relating to the above terms and conditions before purchasing membership.


This document constitutes a legally binding agreement between Combine Club and the individual accepting the terms and conditions of the Combine Club Membership. By clicking to accept the terms and conditions upon purchasing the membership card, the individual agrees to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

The Following Terms & Conditions are for brands in relation to our Combine Club Content Days:

1. Definition of Terms

(a) When you place an order for photography and videography services on this website or via payment on receipt of an invoice, you are considered the "Client" and you agree to commission Combine Club to create and deliver the requested services. By doing so, you also agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions ("Terms of Service").

(b) Combine Club reserves the right to update and modify the Terms of Service by posting changes on the company website. It is recommended that you periodically review these terms for any updates or changes that may affect you. Your continued use of our services after any posted updates constitutes your acceptance of the most current version of the Terms of Service.

(c) By placing an order for photography and videography services with Combine Club, whether through our website, email, or telephone, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to all the terms and conditions outlined in the Terms of Service agreement.


2. Payment

Full payment is required at the time of placing an order, and all invoices are subject to VAT and should be paid to Combine Club. To confirm your order for a designated 'Content Day', the invoice balance must be received. Please note that these specific photoshoot days cannot be transferred under any circumstances, unless previously agreed in writing and at our discretion, subject to availability. Payment can be made using any vouchers issued by Combine Club, including VAT.


3. Product Quality & Delivery

(a) Upon full payment of the invoice, it is the Client's responsibility to arrange for shipment of the products to be photographed by Combine Club to the provided address.

(b) It is important not to send or drop off a product before the invoice has been paid in full, as Combine Club will not be held responsible for any lost products or delays resulting from failure to comply with this policy.

(c) All shipping costs associated with sending products to Combine Club are the sole responsibility of the Client. The Client also assumes the risk of damage or loss until the products are delivered to Combine Club's address and accepted by Combine Club via email communication.

(d) Combine Club will not be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss occurring during shipping. The Client must ensure that the products are adequately insured against any damage or loss and agrees to hold Combine Club harmless for any such damage or loss incurred during shipment.

(e) Once the Client's products arrive at the delivery address, they will be checked for damage, and the Client will be informed of any issues within a reasonable time, usually within 48 hours.

(f) To ensure that Combine Club is able to produce the highest quality images, the Client agrees that all products provided for shooting will be in a substantially similar condition to those appearing in the materials provided by the client. This includes, but is not limited to, colour, size, label position and content, packaging, etc.

(g) Due to the nature of our 'Content Day' service, there is a small chance that the Client's products may have minor defects such as makeup stains, minor wear and tear, or other damage or loss. The Client accepts that Combine Club will not be responsible for reimbursing any costs associated with such damage.

4. Collection & Return Shipping

Return shipping of products is at the expense of the client and subject to the following conditions;

(a) The client must send a pre-paid returns label or arrange collection within 7 days of the agreed photo shoot date taking place.

(b) Combine Club takes no responsibility for chasing collection of client products from the original delivery address. It is the client's responsibility to arrange timely collection via in person or prepaid returns/collections label. All prepaid postage labels should be emailed to or included with the original delivery. The client is solely responsible for sufficiently insuring all products during shipping.

(c) Failure to respond to any communication within a 30-day period will result in the client's products being removed from Combine Club premises and disposed of and the products will not be returned. The client agrees that Combine Club is not liable for the disposal of products pursuant to this policy.

(d) Combine Club will not be responsible for returning client's products automatically or free of charge under any circumstance. Combine Club will not cover any cost against loss of business, manufacturing costs, or other associated costs related to the loss of client's products after the 30-day post-photoshoot period should we not receive communication within a timely manner.

(e) Once the client's products have been collected or delivered and signed for, no returns will be accepted, nor will Combine Club generate any refunds.

5. Refund Policy

Our refund policy is strictly non-refundable. However, in the event that a designated 'Content Day' that has been paid for and agreed upon cannot take place due to unforeseen circumstances, the Client may request a refund. To do so, a written refund request must be submitted to within seven days of the cancellation notice.

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